Since moving aboard in 2005, Eric has been touring the New World. Based in NYC, Eric had combed through the streets corners of New York, North, Central, South America, and the Caribbean island. Although some of these explorations are short in duration, Eric's images depict his impression of the vibrant street scene, comprehend it with his own visual language: focusing on people and action, with added layers of texture from local architecture, costumes, and traditions. The series is named ‘Detour', as photography had given him the courage and passion to adventure. To a greater extent, street photography is also a detour of Eric’s advertising design career. Before this solo exhibition, Eric’s photography has been exhibited in 7 shows in New York to date. In 2013, a series of Guatemala images were made into postcards and prints, and then donated and displayed at the tourism board of Antigua, Guatemala, with all the income goes to a local school. In 2015, Eric was invited together with a few world-famous street photographers to photograph the streets of Bronx, and Eric’s image was published by the NY Times. Eric's photo has also find its way to the permanent collection of Williamsburg Art and Historical Center in Brooklyn, New York.